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The most legendary city of sports in Tirol, a medieval town with a beautiful city center, and the host of the highlight of the downhill skiing world cup. Kitzbühel has it all, including a variety of activities spanning over the rest of the year outside the skiing season.


Properly mostly know for hosting the Hahnenkamm Race in January each year, an event that draws up to 100.000 spectators in only 3 days, who come to watch the worlds most challenging downhill slope, The Streif, with a maximum angle of incredible 85%. This has developed Kitzbühel to being one of the best winter sports areas in the world, with 220 km of ski slopes, and an excellent selection of hotels and restaurants. Kitzbühel also plays host to the Snow Polo World Cup and has one of the coziest Christmas Markets in Austria.


During the summer season Kitzbühel offers great swimming facilities at Schwarzsee lake, ATP tennis at the tennis stadium, outdoor concerts, classic car rally, hiking, rafting, mountain biking and an endless list of outdoor activities.


The city of Kitzbühel is extremely well run with a high service level, they promote recycling and the usage of electric cars and busses. There is free WiFi throughout the city.

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